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  • Deep Intuition

    Taking the time to set pure intentions to manifest your dreams & desires can be challenging in this modern, hectic world. By connecting to your deepest self and learning to listen to & trust your intuition, it is possible to see things through a new, clearer perspective and gain a deep knowing that you are capable of achieving great things!

    This box has been carefully crafted to provide the tools for introspection & connecting to your spirit. Along with the items listed below, the box also contains a ritual created to assist you in grounding & meditating so that you may set intentions & work towards manifesting your dreams & desires.

    The bamboo box contains:
    - 2 crystals for deep spiritual connection 
    - handmade beeswax candle to be used in ritual
    - a jar of crystals to be used in ritual
    - specially blended loose-leaf tea
    - incense to provide a meditative atmosphere
    - hand-crafted smudge stick to cleanse the air

    I invite and encourage you to purchase this as a gift for yourself, as so many of us neglect our own self-care and self-love in this hectic world we inhabit. Take some time for yourself and allow yourself to look inwards in order to move forwards.

    These can also be bought as gifts and work beautifully as presents for friends & family.

    *Please note: All products are made to order so please allow 1-2 weeks for dispatch. For orders shipping outside of Europe, customs fees may apply. You will be required to pay these fees as I am unable to cover these costs so please bear this in mind when ordering*


      Items will vary due to the natural products included. All items are sustainably & responsibly sourced and chosen for their energetic properties.

      Please specify whether you would like a light or dark bamboo box.


      Each box is lovingly handmade and I really hope that you love it. Because of the personal nature of each box, I cannot accept returns.


      Boxes are sent via 1st Class Royal Mail within the UK.

      Outside of the UK? Your order will be tracked & will require a signature upon receipt. *Please note: orders outside of the UK may be subject to customs/import charges. I am unable to cover these costs and these will be the responsibility of the customer. Please keep this in mind when ordering*

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